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What Is C-It All?

C-IT ALL is a unique ”Like Being There” Multi-Media High Definition Platform that transports you to locations all over the World. If your considering a Vacation and want to properly preview the area your planning on visiting C-IT ALL can walk you down the streets, and take you into every local business. But thats just the beginning. You can shop, make reservations, find local services, visit landmarks, arrange transportation and even book the entire trip and all the related services.

If you already live in the area, C-IT ALL provides you with an intimate view of every business, the owners or operators, selection of merchandise, menu, best places to park and much more. Typically area residents are only aware of around 6% of the businesses within a mile from where they live. C-IT ALL allows you to get “up close and personal” with businesses that you may not even have realized existed. One C-IT ALL area search and every participating location appears with everything on it, which can save you web-searching various categories for hours.

C-IT ALL makes it possible for you to really see what an area has to offer and we usually provide a “local TV Channel” just to make sure we have covered all the bases.

C-IT ALL really does make it possible for you to, well .. see it all.